You will see Bronco on roads again

If you were a fan of Bronco in the 20th century then you must rejoice because the same SUV is rumored to be launched in the year 2020. Ford company is said to have taken the responsibility and this has struck the automobile world hard. The people who are a fan of Bronco are highly excited and cannot wait for the year 2020 while the competitors cannot think of ways to beating it.

What will be the design?

The most important aspect of 2020 Ford bronco is that most of the people are worried about is the design. Most of the people are betting upon a fusion between the original bronco and the trucks and SUV that belong to Ford company. However, the design that is making most rounds contains the boxy look of the original Bronco. This would be accompanied by the famous front grill in the form of inset and the headlights that re round in shape but the frame is more modern and will be able to take the challenges of off-roading.



Would these be included?

Though the other aspects of the SUV will only be disclosed once 2020 Ford bronco is in the market but the version that was launched in 2004 had these features in the vehicle

  • 0L intercooled turbo-diesel 14
  • Manual transmission with six speed
  • Four wheel drive

So, most probably these features will definitely be there in the new vehicle by Ford.

Many others have a different view over the exterior design of the SUV. They think that there will be body-on-frame with four wheel drive which could be similar to Ranger. There is also speculation over the roof top that will be removable or not. This feature will give it the strength to compete with Wrangler.


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