When it comes to brand name both Zike vs. ElliptiGO bikes have no competition. Both of them are equally good. You will find reviews favoring both of them. As basic elliptical bikes, they are low impact workout equipments and are also suitable for those recovering from some injuries. They share lot of common benefits but still have their differences. Zike bikes are like putting the elliptical trainer on wheels whereas ElliptiGO also has similar thing but I focuses more on running. So here are some of the comparisons between Zike vs. ElliptiGO bikes:


best elliptical bikes


  1. Zike is best option when you are planning for some leisure time in some park but when you stick to do the exercise for a longer time best option will be ElliptiGO.
  2. Both of them will have equal effect on body. They will give you equal results when used up for 30-40 minutes. You wont need more than that to see the change.
  3. If you want something as of bike like experience you can go for ElliptiGO. Zike can be one for beginners but one usually can get acquainted easily with ElliptiGO.
  4. Both of the Zike and ElliptiGO bikes will have the same effect when you are riding in smooth terrain. But ElliptiGo have all the features that can handle uneven terrains and hilly areas.
  5. Both of them are comfortable and have swift movement. The bike will lean along with your body when moving in zigzag roads.
  6. If you are trying to go on a steep path, ElliptiGo is likely to get adapted but when moving in smooth path; Zike can help you reach faster.
  7. Both of them will have equal benefits when it comes to workouts. Even if the time is short, the effect is same in both the case.

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