Betting is an activity that can earn you a huge profit or push you into the doldrums. When the betting is going to be based on the outcome of a match, you can never say the which way you are heading. Using 토토 sites is like walking on a tight rope. Ou has got to tread carefully in order to avoid losses. Therefore, quite often than not people involved in betting on 토토 depend on tipsters and try to replicate their betting to make success theirs in betting.

The scenario

Having mentioned that the persons who bet on 토토 reach out to tipsters to follow them, there seems to be a number of failures even when they followed the tipsters. This is generally attributed to survivorship bias.

What is survivorship bias?

Survivorship bias means focussing illogically on the successful tipsters rather than considering what led to the failure. Here again, the failure is invisible.

This usually arises due to the following reasons.

  • The search is always aimed at successful tipster
  • The leaderboards also sort them in the order of their success and those who lose out do not find a place in the list.
  • Though a number of tips may be uploaded only those tips and tipsters who succeeded through look would be visible. This amounts to compounding the survivorship bias. The role of luck is completely underplayed and you are forced to believe that the tipsters who succeeded did so because of their skill.

Why should you not depend on tipsters?

If survivorship bias is the major reason, the other reasons include subscription cost for tipping that could be quite heavy and there are tipsters who make money when you actually lose. They would suggest a tip about a sport. You may back it on the 토토 and lose it. These tipsters, however, would be making money since they would have already signed an agreement with the bookmakers to get a percentage of the profit the bookmakers get when players and betters like you sign up via the links.

There are indeed trustworthy and skilled tipsters in the market. But, even then you cannot be guaranteed succees all the time.

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