Most customers find the concept of lock changing and re-keying a little confusing. But frankly, it is pretty simple. A professional would depending on the situation determine which would be more feasible for you. Consulting a professional is the best way to go about it. Rekeying is more affordable but there are certain situations that would demand the changing of locks –

If you have moved – This is possibly the number one reason why one would need to change locks; that is when you move into a new residence. When you get your keys there is no way to tell, how many spare copies might have been done in the past and where they are floating around. In fact, in such a situation it is best to think of lock changing and re-keying – well not so much. Security should always be your first thought.

lock changing and re-keying

If you lose your keys – If at all you lose your keys or they are stolen, it is most important that you get your locks changed as soon as possible. You have no idea where your keys could be. Even if they are returned back to you, you never really know where they have been in the midst.

Locks get damaged – Just like everything else in a home or office, things to need a little maintenance to work well. We recommend that you do maintenance of your locks on a routine basis. But still, with age, the locks do tend to become damaged or might become a liability. In such cases, this should be your priority – lock changing and re-keying – that might not be an option here.

When it comes to locks, there isn’t any particular timeline that can be followed. Certain situations and incidents might just warrant a change. It is mostly a preventative measure taken for you and your family’s safety.

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