RV is a short name for recreational vehicle and in fact, RV is the popular name for this vehicle. It is a type of automobile vehicle or trailer equipped with living space and amenities, and designed for temporary accommodation.

What is RV

RV is equipped with items such as cooking equipments and beds that are needed for temporary accommodation during recreational tour. People using this vehicle for recreational purpose can spend night and prepare their meals in this vehicle. This vehicle can be parked anywhere during recreational camping. In many western countries, the concept of RV park is prevailing, but some people use this vehicle for dry camping or boondocking.rv maintenance

Important aspects of RV maintenance

RV is one vehicle of varied types such as Class A Diesel Motorhome, Class A Gas Motorhome, Class C Motorhome, Fifth Wheel, Fold Downs, Truck Camper, Toy Haulers, and Expandables. When there are many RV types, RV maintenance becomes the important aspect of this class of vehicle. Lats discuss core components of recreational vehicle. Tires, wheels, brakes, battery, air bags, belts and hoses, windshield wipers, lights and mirrors, vehicle jacks are main components that need maintenance. Besides, there are liquids such as fluids and coolants that should be periodically checked and replaced. There are more components and accessories that may need maintenance from time to time.

Common and special aspects of RV maintenance

The usual RV maintenance aspects are checking tire pressure and tightening wheel nuts, checking water level in a battery, maintaining fluid levels and replacing them when needed, checking brake system, checking electrical connections, and inspecting roof seals. Some of these maintenance activities can be taken as Do It Yourself (DIY) activity. In fact, most people owning RV keep track of common maintenance aspects. The vehicle should be taken to a service center when special RV maintenance is needed or some major repair has to be carried out. A well-maintained RV can give its real value for many years.

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