About MAVNI:

MAVNI stands for Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest, is a program that is offered by the U.S military to recruit the qualifying individuals for the posts in the country’s army. The MAVNI program is specially aimed in recruiting the legal non-immigrants who stay in the United States for a minimum duration of 2 years without continuous absence out of the country for more than 90 days. The MAVNI program also imposes other criteria on the applicants’ nature of non-immigrant category in the country who can participate in the program.

The Eligibility & Skill Criteria for MAVNI:

In addition to the eligibility criteria, the MAVNI imposes stringent qualification requirements which require the applicants to pass in various skill tests such as Qualification Tests for Armed forces, and the applicants should possess proficiency in the native language which again will be tested with a proficiency test.

The MAVNI update posts regular updates on any related changes that happens in the MAVNI process to keep the applicants and others informed about the MAVNI program.

How to Contact Local Recruiter for MAVNI:

The applicants who wants to enroll in MAVNI program can contact the local recruiter through online. The individuals simple would be required to fill the basic information including details such as Area of Interest, the type of recruiting officer they would like to encounter for the process, and the Zip code of the individual’s current location. Once the user enters all this information and hits on the search button, the search results would fetch the local recruiters matching the given area of interest, and including the type of recruitment officer in the given or nearby area of the individual.

Citizens of U.S. who wish to apply for the MAVNI program and currently resides outside the country, have the option to email and the recruiter will contact them direct for further process.

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