It is a general perception that celestial bodies have strong influence over human affairs. A blend of scientific knowledge, intuition and psychology together referred as astrology. It majorly deals with the correlation of astronomical position of the planets and events happening in the earth.

There are eight planets in astrology, each of which has its own unique qualities. Among the eight planets, Mars is the planet of energy, action and desire, which is also called as the God of War. Do you want to know about the mars sign and what kind of significance it has? This blog talks more on mars sign and its effects on human nature.

Understanding your mars signs

In astrology, mars sign has multitude of characters to play with. The main characteristic of planet Mars is the lust, passion and ambitions of your life. Right from the smooth caring nature to the most aggressive volcanic eruption, mars sign finds its place in everything.

In reality, mars shows what kind of person you are, the fierce animal nature that is hidden inside you especially when it comes to sex. Individuals having mars sign have more indulge for sex. You can enjoy a fullest sexual life with these kind of partners.

mars sign

The different mars signs are

  • Aries Mars Sign Calm and easy going people
  • Taurus Mars sign- Kind hearted sensual personalities, rarely aroused
  • Gemini Mars Sign – Scattered and unfocussed mentalities
  • Cancer Mars Sign- Fierce and outrageous
  • Leo Mars Sign- Impatient but prompting to shine continuously
  • Virgo Mars Sign- Physically sensitive characters
  • Libra Mars Sign- Open hearted and courageous
  • Scorpio Mars Sign Strong willpower and make impossible, possible
  • Sagittarius Mars Sign- Enthusiastic
  • Capricorn Mars Sign-Letting go things
  • Aquarius Mars Sign- Rule breakers
  • Pisces Mars Sign Shy or withdrawn.


Understanding your signs can turn into a driving force to achieve various goals.


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