Machines form a very basic requirement of any industry. They help in getting the job faster and in a more safer and efficient way. Industries such as construction, transport or manufacturing involve lifting of heavy loads. Cranes are the machines which are used to carry out these jobs. Nowadays, the most common type of crane which is used to carry heavy loads at workstation is jib cranes. For knowing more details about jib cranes Refer to This Site.

Advantages of using jib cranes

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Though simple in their structure and designing, jib cranes are highly efficient. They can be used for lifting weight horizontally as well as vertically. Some of the jib cranes can take a full rotation of 360 degrees which makes them carry the load in all the directions. Moreover, because of their simple designing, they are quite easy to maintain. They take lesser space as compare to heavy cranes. All these benefits make jib cranes an ideal weight lifting machine for workspaces where its difficult to access bigger and heavy cranes.

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Types of jib cranes:

In broader classification jib cranes can be categorized under three major categories.

  1. Floor mounted: these jib cranes are fixed on the ground. They can cover a larger area as they can do a full rotation i.e. of 360 degrees.
  2. Wall Mounted: these are installed on the wall and hence have a restricted movement. They can do a rotation up to 200 degrees
  3. Articulated jib cranes: These kinds of jib cranes offers a variety of option as far as installation is concerned. They have two arms attached to them.

It is important to understand the requirement of the workstation before finalizing the purchase of jib crane. Different types of weight-related jobs need a different kind of crane. Hence, it is very important to select the right type of jib crane.



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