Why you buy a vehicle and what you expect from your insurance provider? You buy an insurance plan for a vehicle owned by you to protect it financially against any damage or loss due to accident caused by your negligence, by someone elses negligence or by the act of God which means a natural disaster. The vehicle insurance recipe is prepared based on the risks you wish to include and pricing is based on available benefits under the plan. You expect that your insurance provider will reimburse loss covered under your insurance plan. Do you think it always happens?

Complications in insurance claim reimbursement

Most vehicle insurance providers are happy to sell their vehicle insurance plans but hesitate to reimburse when a vehicle owner lodges an accidental claim. If you have a comprehensive insurance plan, you are quite protected, but non-comprehensive plans have many complications for reimbursements. You usually trust on the insurance services claim reimbursement performance.


How can you get fast claim processing?

You expect that your vehicle should be back on the road without delay after repair when it is under claim reimbursement, but all insurance providers dont offer this efficiency in their service. In Thailand, there are many insurance companies and their agents that are operating their business under countrys insurance regulatory system, but this doesnt have assurance of good claim reimbursement. However,Visit websiteroojai.com is an online insurance platform of Roojai Company Limited of Thailand which offers fast claim processing after the accident.

What is efficient vehicle claim processing

Roojai.com is newly established platform with an aim to provide efficient insurance services to Thai drivers. It offers guarantee of 30 minutes of service for accident assessment on site and fast processing of claim, and twelve months repair warranty of job performed under claim so that your vehicle can be soon back on the road without interrupting your work. You can avail many other benefits buying an insurance plan for your vehicle beside a competitive price.



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