When you plan a camping trip, you should understand its basics. Camping trip is usually planned as a recreational activity, but it may be cumbersome, if you do not make meticulous planning. Camping sites usually lack amenities, but camping can be made enjoyable without amenities. In fact, real fun of camping is without amenities because you spend different life for few days away from home. When you are on a camping site, you dont get electricity, light, potable water, home comforts, restaurants, etc. Many of these arrangements you need to make on your own.

Essentials of camping

There are ten essentials of camping. The guidelines have been issued by the U.S. National Park Service, and the essentials include navigation, sun protection, insulation, illumination, fire, first-aid supplies, hydration, nutrition, repair kit and tools, and emergency shelter. The essential demands of campers are fulfilled by necessary camp accessories that every camping group is required to take during camping trip. Camping is a great way of recreation, but it can be a worse experience without these accessories.

camp accessories

Transporting camp accessories

One important aspect of camping is accessories and another important aspect is transportation of these accessories. The camp accessories are not large in number and therefore, not easy to transport on the camping site. You would need a large vehicle like SUV having enough luggage space to transport these accessories. For best experience of camping, it is recommended to take recreation vehicle (RV) or camper van on the trip. A camper van is equipped with essential things and amenities the need of which is felt on a camping site.

Camp accessories are amenities

The camp accessories are actually cool gadgets that offers home-like comfort on a camping site that doesnt have amenities. The accessories are your survival kit for most essential needs of living and best experience of camping in the natures lap.

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