Whenever it is about healthy living and food products used for its achievement, like others, you too go for something that is vegan and filling. It can be your preferred almond milk or soy milk, and even protein powders. You take it nearly every day to get the best result for your body. But are you aware the fact that these food products have carrageenan in it?

There has been a wrong notion about this component (also known as carrageenin) that consumption of products made from it or having aliberal amount of this constituent has severe side effects.

Check out this post regarding carrageenin and see few myths getting busted here.

Few common myths regarding carrageenan and their reality

Myth #1

Carrageenincauses intestinal damage and cancer.


Nowadays you can see in most of the reports which state that this component is the reason that triggers the virus of cancer. But in reality, there has not been any report that can state carrageenin to be cent percent liable for cancer. In fact, this constituent has been approved by many food corporations as safe and fit for human consumption.



Myth #2

Carrageeninhas animal fat.


This is a myth as carrageeninis derived from seaweed (red algae) and it is also being extracted from a plant componenthence; it is impossible to state carrageeninhas animal fat. Being vegan in nature, you will find it uses in halal and in other vegetarian food products and recipes.

Myth #3

Poligeenan and carrageenin are same.


Although both are food thickening component, they are not the same. When carrageenan is heated at ahigher temperature and with astronger acid, poligeenanis formed. If you take a close look at the molecular weight of carrageenin, you will find it to be between 200,000 and 800,000. Now, if you look at poligeenan’s molecular weight, it is 10,000 to 20,000.

These are some of the myths that are associated with carrageenan. Now that you know the truth behind this component, you will definitely not fall for the incorrect notion that is spread against it.


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