A bathroom in a home or hotel is a refreshing place which takes care of personal hygiene activities. Some people may not consider the significance of bathroom in their home because it is a place where they spend very little time in a day or during an entire week. Some people have habit of taking bath on weekends. A bathroom is not just for bathing but for more activities like brushing teeth, dressing hair and getting dressed. A bathroom many times has a toilet which you use every day.

What you need in your bathroom

Every home has at least one bathroom but most family homes have two or more bathrooms. The aesthetic and importance of a bathroom is in its fixtures. A normal bathroom has at least a wash basin and a bathtub, shower, or sometimes both. Many bathrooms have a toilet also. There are other fixtures like taps and accessories like mirror, towel holder, caddie, bathroom cabinet, and more accessories depending on use. A bathroom also requires good lighting and plumbing for its best use. In all, bathroom is not to be ignored room in any home and needs special focus on its decoration. A good flooring and tiles are also important for bathroom beauty.

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