Bath bomb bathing is a unique and beneficial way of bathing which is quite different from the way when you use soap or shower gel to take bath. Bath bomb dissolves in water, unlike a soap cake or shower gel which produces froth when rubbed on the skin. Bath bombs are sold in multiple varieties and in bulk. Bulk bath bombs have difference in color, shapes, fragrance, and apparently benefits. They change color of the water when dissolved, but this is natural.

Bath bomb diversity

The bulks of bath bombs are its assortments, the varieties that people love to try. The bath bombs are usually spherical in shape matching their name, but some other shapes are also sold in the market. The colors have numerous variations depending on natural ingredients such as raspberry, lavender, orange, seaweed, lemongrass, etc. The fragrances also differ due to use of different types of essential oils. Every bath bomb created is usually need specific, though you may like the one that smells best or the one that has your favorite fragrance.

bulk bath bombs

Benefits derived from assorted bath bombs

All bath bombs have basic ingredients baking soda, citric acid, essential oils and plant oils, but composition of each type differs due to additional ingredients. Lets discuss few types and their health benefits. Orange is energizing, Lemongrass supports immune system, Calendula & Lavender combination is best for anxiety and stress, Eucalyptus clears breathing passages, Honey & Oatmeal is a best combination for dry and itchy skin, Spirulina& Seaweed combination is detoxifying, and Vanilla Coconut or Raspberry Rooibos are dehydrating and are also good for anti-ageing effects. There are several other ingredients and combinations that create good health effects.


Bath bomb bathing is a good way to bath for its multiple health benefits that can be derived by making selection of a right type of bath bomb for your skin.

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