As long as the history of football goes, Madrid and Barcelona has been one of the major arch-rivals. This year, the La Liga marked 239th competitive environment meet and 178 time for the La Liga game. As far as the football highlights are concerned, this year’s La Liga marked the worst defeat of Madrid for 5-1. The match was held at Los Blancos. But now, Madrid needs to wait till March so that they can finally take their revenge.

The football highlights competition for Madrid and Barca

Barcelona and Madrid have met a lot of time for the matches, but as far as head to head record is concerned, this La Liga had to be the best one. It was Barca who got to be one step ahead scoring the better part in the league matches. As far as the game played in Copa del Rey, Barca has managed to score 34 wins. Under Guardiola, Barca has managed to score 12 Clasico matches.

football highlights

The trophy

The football highlights for the trophy cabinets, Barca has managed to dominate over the Madrid in the match. Madrid has till now scored UEFA Cups for two times. Nonetheless, Barca has managed to score four cups for the UEFA Cups. As far as the Copa del Rey trophy is concerned, Barca has scored 11 trophies which more than that of Madrid.

Individual awards

The football arena is being ruled by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Thus, the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid is pretty common. But the image of rivalry broke ever since Ronaldo got into Juventus. Real Madrid has scored 10 Ballons d’Or while Barcelona has won 11 titles. When the best football club in the world is concerned, both the clubs have managed to score the most titles.

Both of them have managed to give each other, the head-on-head competition by being one ahead of the other. Fans have been since a long time looking at the football highlights to observe which one is the best.

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