Acne is a common teenage skin disorder, though symptoms of this problem are also seen in people of other age groups. Medically, excess oil production, clogged hair follicles due to oil and dead skin cells, excess secretion, and bacteria are considered four key causes of acne problem, but few myths are also associated with occurrence of this problem.

How to deal with acne problem

Since this problem can be caused due to excess activity of sex hormones, increase of androgen in adolescent boys and girls, contribute to severity of this problem. Bacterial attack could also be the reason when skin pores are not clean and aerated.

acne treatment clinic

Oil and dead skin cells definitely clog pores and prevent aeration. The main focus should be on risk factors to prevent occurrence of acne problem or to avoid its severity, if it occurs. Clinical acne care is advisable, but it is better to understand main risk factors to avoid severity and restrict to self-care. As discussed above, age, hormonal changes, greasy or oily foods are significant risk factors, but family history, stress, and pressure or friction on the skin are also carry risk of acne problem.

Acne is curable

Most people take acne problem so lightly that they dont even take preventive measures. If you understand risk factors and avoid what is in your control, you can safely combat with acne problem, though there is no guarantee that acne problem will not be faced by you during puberty. There is a solution to every problem, and acne is not spared. There are many skincare and beauty clinics that offer treatment for acne problem. Besides, you can visit any specialized คลินิก รักษา สิว for best acne treatment by advance technique. The innovative techniques that use advance technology usually offer permanent cure for acne problem. You can make your life smooth and maintain your facial beauty with the help of advance acne treatment techniques.

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